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It has taken me some time to endorse the right swing-top bottle.  I've seen many pretty bottles but most are not meant to hold carbonation and put you at risk of bottle explosions.  So at long last, I am happy to be offering quality bottles.

  • Excellent seal quality makes these perfect for kombucha and water kefir, easy to test fizz and yet get the top closed fast if overflowing
  • Made of high-quality glass that is thicker and stronger than regular bottles, guaranteed not to break at 100 psi  (Note: Regular beer bottles are rated to 30 psi.  Kombucha can reach 160 psi if left unrefrigerated indefinitely, so even these bottles will break under extreme pressures)
  • Resealable, reusable, recyclable
  • Cap and seal are FDA approved materials
  • Strong moulded cap with replaceable rubber sealer and heavy gauge removable wire mechanism
  • Available in 500 & 1000 mL
  • Clear glass
    • 'Why clear glass?'  
    • 'I read that my kombucha should be in amber or green containers to protect it.'  Yes, if you left your kombucha in the bright sunlight it would warm up, the flavour would change, the colour would change, and I'm sure a host of other things might happen.  Companies like GT's and Rise package in clear glass because they know that there isn't a ton of sunlight in your fridge.  :)

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