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Kombucha Tea Home Brewer in Stainless Steel

2.2 Gallon Continuous Brewer

Available with & without Kombucha Scoby Culture

Brew large batches of kombucha continuously with this attractive, generously sized brewer. Setting you up for a lifetime supply of delicious kombucha tea.

  • Includes 2.2-gallon stainless steel brewer,
  • BPA free food grade spigot,
  • custom cotton cloth cover with elastic,
  • LCD thermometer attached directly to the jar, 
  • detailed brewing guide,
  • 30 days of brewing support via email
  • stands 10.5 inches tall and 9 inches wide


Why Stainless Steel?

While metal utensils of unknown composition are not recommended for kombucha as it's acidic nature can leach minerals out of it, the exception is food grade stainless steel. 

304 food grade stainless steel is the preferred choice of many kombucha and beer breweries across the world. 



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