Sometimes referred to as the champagne of kombuchas, Jun is brewed with green tea and raw honey resulting in a lighter and more effervescent beverage than regular kombucha. It brews quickly and can be ready in only 3 days as opposed to 7-14 days for black tea/sugar kombucha. This 5 x 1" SCOBY is just what you need to start producing this delicious, carbonated drink. 

Note: If you are purchasing as a gift, this product includes a live culture and we encourage the purchaser to start brewing right away for best results.

Alternatively, the scoby and starter fluid can be refrigerated for 4-6 weeks if necessary or
store the scoby and fluid (remove from the bag) at room temp in a 1L glass jar with a loose lid. Monitor evaporation monthly and add cool sweet tea as needed to keep the fluid level up.




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