Kombucha SCOBY Culture

This kombucha tea SCOBY and starter fluid is grown with care using cane sugar and teas and will kickstart you on your way to brewing your own delicious and nutritious kombucha. 
Simply feed this 5 1/2" culture with tea and sugar and get started today! With proper care, this SCOBY can be used indefinitely to provide you with a lifetime of kombucha tea and can save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying pre-bottled kombucha. Easy to use and easy to store if you go on vacation or take a break, this individually-named starter culture will be your new friend. 

Note: If you are purchasing as a gift, this product includes a live culture and we encourage the purchaser to start brewing right away for best results.  Alternatively, the scoby and starter fluid can be refrigerated for 4-6 weeks if necessary or store the scoby and fluid (remove from the bag) at room temp in a 1L glass jar with a loose lid. Monitor evaporation monthly and add cool sweet tea as needed to keep the fluid level up.


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