Sourdough Danish Bread Whisk

Wooden Handle ~$12
Stainless Steel Handle ~$22
Silicone Handle ~$24   
Plastic Handle ~$20

When I started to bake sourdough bread, the books recommended a Danish dough whisk.  But I didn't see the point.  I could use my hands, a spoon, fork, or a regular whisk. 

But, using your hands was just too sticky and hard to clean up.  The spoon and fork were ok for small amounts but not for a sourdough recipe nor a thick dough.  A regular whisk works but a lot of dough gets stuck in the tines.  

So I broke down and ordered myself a dough whisk.  Now my Danish Sour Dough Bread Whisk is one of my favourite gadgets.  I use it for batters and doughs of all kinds.

You will literally find thousands (maybe even 10's of thousands) of dough whisks online.  Save yourself the overwhelm and pick one of these up by shopping the links above.

Note: Links will take you to an external site for dropshipping. 

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