Tea - Wuyi Rock Loose Leaf


Wuyi Oolong Tea

Complex profile, chocolatey, earthy, bold and strong, with a surprisingly floral infusion. Incredible.

Ingredients: Tea (Camelia Sinensis)
Likely one of the best dark oolong we have ever tasted, and a consistent best-seller, this oolong is cultivated from the Wuyi Mountains in Nanping Prefecture. Mount Wuyi has been recognized by UNESCO as a site of incredible and unique biological diversity, and has been defined as a zone of conservation. The Wuyi Oolong is found in this region, and is harvested only in very small quantities so as to not tire the plants. As this particular style of oolong prodcution is not unqine to this region, The remarkable chocolately and earthy fragrance, and the complex flavor profile of the Wuyi Oolong is entirely due to the climate and soil conditions of the region. No other Dark oolong has this distinct flavor profile. Do not miss this one.

Story, Folklore, History...

Harvested from the Wuyi Mountains in China’s Nanping Prefecture, this tea is specially grown in small batches, sucking up the rich and unique flavor profiles of the region. As the leaves do so they are infused with the lush tastes of earthy China, while giving back to the region even more distinctive history.

First settled by humans some 4,000 years ago according to archeological records, these green, cloud-capped mountains provide some of China’s most breathtaking views. Like the pictures on a tourist brochure, the scenery of this region has an enchanted quality of green forest and white mist.

The mountains also lend China some of its most venerated history. In the 8th century AD, for instance, the Tang Dynasty built the fabulous Wuyi Palace at the foot of the Great King Peak. Though blood sacrifices are no longer held there, it remains a tourist destination and retains the ghostly vestiges of many human lives spilt over the course of hundreds of years. A dedicated visitor can also see the ruins of dozens of monasteries and temples, as well as ancient institutions of learning.

Certification: Organic
Grade or Quality: Leaf
Aroma: Smoky, Earthy
Infusion Aroma: Smoky
Infusion Color: Amber
Base flavor: Smoky, nutty, smooth finish
Infusion Strength: Medium

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