Ultimate Kombucha Kit


Great gift for the fermenter or kombucha fan on your list!

Save $ from buying separately. 


  1. 1-gallon glass jar
  2. kombucha scoby
  3. custom cloth cover
  4. accessory kit
    1. 2 x tea for a 1-gallon batch
    2. 2 x sugar for a 1-gallon batch
    3. pH strips to ensure food safety
    4. silicone funnel for filling bottles
    5. strainer for removing solids
    6. spoon to stir in sugar and culture
    7. gloves for safely handling scoby and tea
    8. paper straw to taste test the brew for readiness
    9. china marker for writing on glass
  5. thermostat
  6. swing top bottles, 2 x 1L and 2 x 500mL


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