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Water Kefir Grains - Live

Proud to be offering water kefir grains from Leeza Zurwick of Happy Gut.
Hand gown with love in Castlegar, BC.
Make your own probiotic soda at home! Kefir is a traditional fermented beverage that is easy to make and provides numerous health benefits when consumed fresh.
Water kefir (kee-feer) grains are a symbiotic relationship between yeast and bacteria. 100% Natural. Organic. Gluten Free. Dairy Free.
Package contains 1/4 cup Live, Fresh, Water Kefir Grains/Cultures.

When it comes to brewing Water Kefir, nothing matters more than the quality of your Water Kefir Grains.
Happy Gut Water Kefir Grains are grown in natural, mineral-rich, Kootenay spring water and organic sugars.
We ensure the highest quality of plump grains. Happy Gut guarantees that they will create delicious Water Kefir on your first brew thereinafter.
The Water Kefir grains are placed into dormancy prior to shipping and are shelf stable for up to 3 weeks. 

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